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Create a Workspace

Creating a workspace allows you to complete it online and route it through your organization for review before submitting. The following instructions explain how to create a workspace on

An individual instance of a workspace must be created for each funding opportunity for which an applicant intends to apply. Only a user with the Manage Workspace role can create a workspace. Upon creating the workspace, the user inherits the Workspace Owner access level, which makes the user responsible for managing access (i.e., Workspace Participants) to that workspace.  

To learn about Workspace before creating one, read the What is Workspace? section in the Manage My Workspaces help article.

Attention: An applicant can create a workspace only if the grant-making agency created the funding opportunity with forms that are compatible with Workspace. If there are any incompatible forms, the Create a Workspace option will not be available.

How to Create a Workspace

  1. Log in to your Applicant account and ensure you have the Manage Workspace role. Your roles are listed under the Role(s) heading on the Applicant Center page.

  2. After logging in, search for the grant opportunity for which you want to create a workspace. Refer to the Search Grants help article for instructions on using the Search Grants tab.

Note: If you do not log in before locating the grant opportunity, you will be routed to log in before you can continue.

  1. Click the funding opportunity number link in the Funding Opportunity Number column.

  2. Click the Package tab.

  3. Click the Apply link in the Actions column for an opportunity that has "Yes" in the Workspace Compatible column.

  4. Either enter your email address to subscribe to change notifications for the package, or select the “No, I do not wish to provide my email address” option.

  5. Click the Submit button.

  6. Enter an Application Filing Name.

Note: The Application Filing Name is required for creating a workspace. The maximum length is 240 characters.

  1. Click the Create Workspace button.

After creating a workspace, the user is taken to the Manage My Workspace page in For more information on using Workspace, review the Manage My Workspaces and Manage Active Applicants help articles. Also note that creating a workspace is an action that will be recorded in the Activity tab as "Created."



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