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Manage Active Applicants

Managing access to and workspaces refers to the various ways in which users add, remove, or modify access and roles within a workspace. The ability to manage active applicants in a workspace is dependent on the access level and roles of a Workspace Participant. If you are unfamiliar with workspace roles and access, refer to the Manage My Workspaces help article before managing active applicants.

Below is a summary of access and roles required to manage access to a workspace. Role(s) are assigned to applicants at the organizational level:

  • EBiz POC users (or AOR users with expanded access or the organization's MPIN) - The EBiz POC can assign or revoke the AOR and Manage Workspace roles to applicants registered under their organization. Refer to the EBiz POC Actions help article for more information on this topic.

  • Authorized Applicant (AOR) Role - Authorized to assign or revoke the Manage Workspace role to applicants registered under their organization.

Manage Active Applicants Page

Workspace Owners, who are likely to also have the AOR role, can use the Manage Active Applicants page to assign or revoke the Manage Workspace role from Participants and manage users' access to their workspace(s).

How to Access the Manage Active Applicants Page

  1. Log in to

Note: Applicants must have the AOR or Manage Workspace role to access the Manage Active Applicants page.

  1. Click the Manage Active Applicants link that appears in the left navigation menu on the Applicant Center page.

  2. Applicants with the AOR role can perform the following actions on the Manage Active Applicants page:


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