Grantors: Add Profile & Agency Affiliation

The agency affiliation process is only for users from federal agencies who need to perform grant-making functions (i.e., posting and managing funding opportunities) on behalf of the agency. After creating a account, grantors should contact their agency point of contact (POC) for to have their account affiliated with the grantor agency.

How to Affiliate with a Grantor Agency

  1. Complete the account registration process.

  2. Contact your agency POC for to have your account affiliated with the federal agency.

  3. After the agency POC completes the Add Grantor process, you will receive an email confirming your account has been affiliated with the agency.

How to Add a New Grantor and Affiliate with a Grantor Agency

Note: These instructions are for adding a grantor who has not already registered a account. If the user already has a account, then contact your agency POC to be affiliated with the agency. Refer to the "How to Affiliate with a Grantor Agency" process above.

  1. Grantor agency POC completes the Add Grantor process.

  2. After the agency POC completes the Add Grantor process, you will receive an email with a link to continue the registration process and being affiliated with the agency.

  3. Click the link in the Agency Affiliation email.

  4. Click the Send Temporary Code button on the Agency Affiliation page.

  5. Enter the one-time access code in the Access - Temporary Code email into the Temporary Code field in, then click the Submit button.

  6. Select the New to option to create a new account with

  7. Complete the Contact Information and Account Details sections. All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required.

  8. Create a profile name that will distinguish this grantor agency profile from any other profiles you may have within your account.

  9. Enter your job title for this grantor agency in the Job Title field.

  10. Select whether to subscribe or unsubscribe from Communications. The Alerts are important messages about time-sensitive or major system changes. The Newsletter features training, system enhancement updates, and other resources to help the federal grants community.