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All users need to register with, which creates one account for accessing and using the system as either an applicant or grantor. An account in is defined by your unique email address, username, and password. The account creation process is the same for both applicants and grantors. Watch the video or read the how-to instructions below to create a account.

To connect your one account with one or more entities, you create separate "profiles" within your account. One account can have multiple profiles, and each profile allows for different roles and access levels to be assigned within that particular entity. The profile creation process is different for applicants and grantors.

Users may use the My Account features once registered to manage one or more profiles within your account or update account information, such as changing your email address or password.

How to Register a Account

  1. Click the Register link in the top-right corner of the banner.

  2. Click the Get Registered Now button on the Register page.

  3. Complete the Contact Information and Account Details sections. All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required.

    • Email Address - When entering an email address, please keep in mind that all correspondence with will be sent to that email address.

    • Username - Enter a username to log in to It may only contain alphanumeric characters, question marks, periods, dashes, underscores, and the @ symbol. Your username cannot contain a space, nor can it only include numbers. Select a username you will remember. Do not write down your account information.

    • Password - The password you choose must contain at least eight (8) characters including: at least one (1) uppercase letter (A-Z); at least one (1) lowercase letter (a-z); at least one (1) number (0-9); and at least one (1) special character (e.g. ! @ # $ % ^ & *). Do not write down your account information.

    • Secret Question/Answer - Enter a question only you would be able to answer and will be able to remember in the future.  

  4. Select whether to subscribe or unsubscribe from Communications. The Alerts are important messages about time-sensitive or major system changes. The Newsletter features training, system enhancement updates, and other resources to help the federal grants community.

  5. Click the Continue button.

  6. Click the Send Temporary Code button, then access your email account to access the temporary code.

  7. Enter the temporary code you received in the email from into the Temporary Code field and click the Continue button.

  8. On the Register page under "How would you like to proceed?"


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