View Grant Opportunity

By clicking on an Opportunity Number link in the Search Grants results, you can find detailed information about the grant. To subscribe to email notices about any updates to this specific opportunity, click the Subscribe button to receive email notifications alerting you to any changes the grantor might make to the funding opportunity. Refer to the Subscribe to Opportunities help article for more information about subscribing to grant opportunities.

If the grantor modifies a form in the opportunity package and you do not apply using the most up-to-date forms, then you will not be able to successfully apply for the grant. Workspace users will see an alert if the grantor has updated any of the opportunity's application forms. If the grantor has established an related funding opportunities, next to the funding opportunity number will be a Related Opportunities link.

To immediately begin your grant application, click the Apply button to create a workspace. Only a user with the Workspace Manager role can create a workspace. Upon creating a workspace, the user inherits the Workspace Owner access level, which permits the user to add other users (i.e., Workspace Participants) to that workspace. To learn about Workspace, roles, and privileges before creating a workspace, read the What Is Workspace? help article.

Navigating the View Grant Opportunity Page

The View Grant Opportunity page separates this information into four tabs (either the Forecast or Synopsis tab will be visible, but not both). On each of the tabs, you have the ability to review and print the opportunity information.