Add Grantor

The Add Grantor process is for adding new grantor users to the federal agency in The process of adding a grantor to the agency will affiliate the new user with the grantor agency. As the agency POC, you can assign appropriate roles to the user.

If the grantor you are adding to the agency does not have a account yet, they will be prompted to create a account as part of the process.

How to Add a Grantor to the Agency

  1. Login to

Note: Grantor must have the Manage Grantors role to access the Manage Grantors page.

  1. Click the Manage Grantors link under the Grantor Management heading.

  2. Click the Add Grantor button.

  3. Select either Email Address or Username and then enter the email or username of the person you need to add to your agency. When adding by email, recommends you use their federal agency email address and not a personal email address.

  4. Click the Search button after filling out the Email Address or Username field.

    1. If the person does not have an existing account, continue to step 6.

    2. If the person has an existing account, confirm the Account Information on the Add Grantor window matches the person you wish to affiliate with the agency. Next, continue to step 7.  

  5. Enter the person's first and last name. These are not required fields, but it is helpful in registering the account.

  6. Select all the Assigned Roles that this person needs to have within the agency. For information about each role, read the Manage Roles help article.

  7. Click the Save button to complete the process or the Cancel button to end it.

  8. The newly added person will receive an email with agency affiliation details.

Note: If the new person does not have a account, then that person must follow the instructions noted in the email and complete the affiliation process, including account registration, within 96 hours or the profile will need to be re-added