Fill Out Workspace PDF Forms

Individual PDF forms can be downloaded and filled out via the Forms tab of Manage Workspace page, after clicking on the Manage Workspace link from the Applicant Center page. The SF-424 form should be completed before any other form in the application package. The SF-424 form populates certain fields on additional forms within the package, so it will save you time and avoid technical issues to complete the SF-424 form first.

Actions and Buttons

The following actions and buttons may be available while filling out an individual PDF form:

How to Complete a Workspace Form

  1. Select a form under the Forms tab of the Manage Workspace page. If you would like to fill out an optional form, be sure to check the Include in Package check-box.

  2. Click the Download link.

  3. If the form is unlocked, a pop-up window will ask you if you want to lock the form. Click the Yes button. If the form is locked, review the Unlock Forms and Override Locked Forms help articles before proceeding.

  4. Wait for a few seconds as the form PDF opens in a new window. If the form does not open automatically, follow the instructions from your browser. A cover sheet will list details about the opportunity and application package, as well as the applicant and Workspace. Click Save to save the form to your computer.

  5. Begin filling out the form, saving your progress as you go along. Fields highlighted in yellow are required fields that are empty or that have incorrect data.

  6. When the form has been completely filled out, click the Save button.

  7. Click the Check for Errors button. This action will tell you if you missed a required field.

  8. Fix any fields that require attention, then click Save again. Make sure the Form State field under the Applicant & Workspace Details section of the cover page reads "No Errors".

Note: Forms made up entirely of empty optional fields still must be checked for errors and saved, so that the Form State field on the cover page reads "No Errors".

You are now ready to upload the completed form to your workspace. See the Upload Individual Forms help article for more information.