Forms Tab—Managing Forms

The Forms tab on the Manage Workspace page is home to the application package’s individual forms. The Forms tab is also where you access webforms to apply online.

Note: Many funding opportunities in are compatible with online forms, but if the Webform link does not appear in the Actions column then that form is not currently compatible with online forms. Review the Download Forms and Upload Forms help articles for more information on how to use the PDF forms. Webforms development will continue until all forms are compatible.

A range of actions are available under the Forms tab, depending on the workspace participant’s role and level of access. These actions include downloading individual forms, uploading completed forms, locking forms, reusing forms, and managing subforms.

Forms tab on the Manage Workspace page

Actions and Buttons

The following actions and buttons may be available to participants under the Forms tab, depending on their role(s) and level of access:

Tip: Complete the SF-424 form before any other form in the application package. The SF-424 form populates certain fields on additional forms within the package, so it will save you time and avoid technical issues to complete the SF-424 form first.

Individual Applicants: If you are registered in and only have an individual profile (i.e., not applying on behalf of an organization), the Lock, Unlock, and Complete and Notify AOR actions do not apply to you. Review the Individual Applicant Registration help article for more information.


Read-Only Form Assurance and Certification

For assurances and read-only forms that do not require data entry, clicking the Download   or Webform link functions as your assurance and certification that you have read and will operate in accordance with all the requirements contained in the form. After clicking the Download or Webform link, the form status will change to Passed. You are not required to upload the form because no new data is added to the form.

Read-only parent forms with no subforms act like a read-only form. They will be changed to Passed status when the Download or Webform link is clicked.

If the read-only form is a parent to a family of subforms, all subforms will need to be in the Passed status before the parent form can be changed to Passed.


Contents of the Forms Table

In the Application Package Forms table, information is divided into the following columns:

Note: If your organization uses custom roles rather than the core roles in, please refer to your internal training resources about The Online User Guide uses the core roles (i.e., Workspace Manager, Standard AOR, and Expanded AOR) to explain which users may access and perform actions. For more information, review the Manage Organization Roles help article.