Search Grants Tab

Within the Search Grants tab, you may use the basic search criteria, such as keyword, or faceted search to narrow your search results. The Search Tips and Export Detailed Data links are located towards the top right of the Search Grants page. The Search Tips link will direct you to the Search Tips page, which provides suggestions and examples using words, phrases, and operators to further narrow down Keyword Search results. The Export Detailed Data link will export the current Search Grants results in a .CSV format.

The Save Search button, also on the top right side of the page, allows you to create a saved search to receive email notifications about grant opportunities associated with specific search criteria. Clicking the Save Search button will carry over any search criteria you have already specified on the Search Grants page. Read the Subscribe to Saved Searches help article for more information.

Note: When searching for funding opportunities, all opportunities that are related to each other will show up in search results together.

How to Perform a Basic Search

  1. Click the Search Grants tab.

  2. Enter text into the Keyword(s) field (optional).

  3. Enter text into the Opportunity Number field to search for a specific grant (optional).

  4. Enter text into the CFDA field to search for a category of funding opportunities (optional).

  5. Click the Search button.

  6. Review the Matching Results.

  7. Sort your matching search results by clicking the column headers.

How to Perform an Advanced Search using Facets

  1. Complete the Basic Search steps listed above.

  2. With the Matching Results displayed, click the appropriate facets on the left side of the Search Grants page to refine your search results. Facets are the different categories and options you can check and uncheck to narrow your existing search results. The facets include:

      • Archived: A historical record of closed FOAs.

Note: The Closed and Archived statuses are not available for Saved Searches.

Note: The selected search facets are displayed at the top of the search results. Click the "[X]" next to the facet at the top to remove this search criteria.

  1. Click the FON link in the Opportunity Number column to access the opportunity details.