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Step 3: Submit an Application Package

The following instructions explain how to submit your application to Grants.gov. Once you have completed all the required documents and attached any required or optional documentation, be sure to use the Save button to save your package. Please note that you can only submit a complete application and may not send it in parts.

In order to submit an application, you need the following as an applicant:

  • Active Grants.gov username and password

  • Active SAM registration (if registered as an organization applicant)

  • Complete application with required or optional attachments requested from the grant-making agency

How to Submit an Application Package

  1. Open the saved application from your computer or network.

  2. Complete all required documents and attach all required documentation.

  3. Click the Save button on the cover page of the application package.

  4. Click the Check Package for Errors button to identify any errors in the application package. "Errors" refers to any issues that will prevent your application from successful submission; however, this does not check for spelling or accuracy mistakes.

  5. Correct all errors in the application. You may click the Check Package for Errors button at any time while completing the application to ensure that you have completed all required data fields. Repeat this process until all errors are corrected.

  6. Click the Save & Submit button and save the application. The Save & Submit button will become active after all errors have been resolved and the package has been saved.You are required to save the application at this point to begin the application submission process.

  7. Once you have saved the application using the Save & Submit button, a dialog box will appear and you will need to enter your Grants.gov username and password.

  8. Follow all the on-screen instructions to submit your application package. Once you complete and submit your application, you will see a confirmation screen explaining that your submission is being processed and a link will be provided to track your application.

  9. Retain the Grants.gov application tracking number that you receive in the application submission confirmation screen. This tracking number is also emailed to you upon submission.

Note: If the agency assigns an agency-specific tracking number, you may receive an email with a second tracking number from the agency that is offering the grant.

Check for Errors Button

The Check for Errors button searches your application for errors that prevent your application from being processed. If there are errors identified, clicking this button will direct you to the error in the current application. These issues may prevent the Save & Submit button from activating.

Common Errors that Prevent Submission or Cause Rejection

  • All mandatory fields have not been completed

  • Email field(s) are not formatted properly, (e.g., name@example.com)

  • Date field(s) are not formatted properly (e.g., mm/dd/yyyy)

  • The congressional districts field on the SF-424 is not listed in numerical format

  • Save button was not clicked following completion of the application package, thus activating the Submit button

Submission Confirmation

After you submit your grant application package, a confirmation screen will appear on your computer screen. This screen confirms that you have submitted an application to Grants.gov. This page also contains a tracking number that is used to identify the status of your submission in the Track My Application feature.

Once Grants.gov has received your submission, Grants.gov will send email messages to advise you of the progress of your application through the system. Over the next two business days, you should receive two emails:

  • Submission Receipt Email: Confirms successful receipt of your application by the Grants.gov system and indicates application status is "Received."

  • Submission Validation –OR– Rejection with Errors Email: Indicates that your application was either successfully validated or rejected by Grants.gov system prior to transmission to the grantor agency.

The Grants.gov system is designed to check for technical errors within the submitted application package. The validation process includes, but is not limited to, the following checks:

  • The file does not contain viruses

  • The opportunity is still open

  • The applicant log in and DUNS number match

If your application is rejected with errors, you may resolve these errors and attempt to submit again as long as the submission deadline has not already passed. Please note that Grants.gov does not review application content for award determination.

Once your application package has passed validation, it is available for the awarding agency to retrieve to perform further review and award determination. After the federal agency confirms receipt of your application, Grants.gov will send you a third email to indicate the Received by Agency status.


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