Training Resources and Tips for Grantors

From user guides to FAQs and pro tips, the following resources will help you master as a grantor:

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How to Register Grantors on

This video explains how federal grant-making agencies can affiliate (as part of the agency) newly registered users. Click here to learn more about grantor registration.

How to Ensure a Smooth Application Submission Process

The following practices will help to ensure that your agency's application submission process runs as smoothly as possible:

1. Encourage your applicants to register with

A primary reason application submissions are rejected is that the person submitting the application has not completed the registration process.  It is recommended that grantors provide applicants with an overview of the process in the announcement instructions. For customizable copy about the registration process, please see "Standard Language Describing the Application Process."

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PRO TIP: Our analysis shows that agencies with opportunity announcements that include language about the registration process are less likely to have applications rejected due to registration or AOR role assignment issues.

2. Accurately estimate the expected number of applications.

When indicating the Expected Number of Applications, agencies should strive to be as accurate as possible.

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PRO TIP: If you are posting a new opportunity announcement, use the response to a similar funding opportunity to gauge the Expected Number of Applications.

3. Provide an Agency Contact for electronic access problems and questions.

Some agencies are incorrectly inserting " Help Desk" as the Agency Contact when posting an announcement. The intent of these fields is to connect the applicant to someone within your program office who can assist them when they have questions about your specific announcement. Here is how the following fields should be used: 

  • Agency Contact: This field is pre-populated by the system and contains the name of the person who is currently logged into the system and trying to publish an opportunity. This information can be overwritten as needed.

  • Email Address:  This is also pre-populated by the system and can be overwritten. Enter the email address of someone – within your agency – who can assist applicants with specific inquiries.

  • Email Description: Enter text that will be used as a hyperlink to the email address provided. For example, if you entered "Agency Help Desk," then when the synopsis is published and someone clicks on "Agency Help Desk" an email will open with the agency contact's email address pre-populated in the "To" field.

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PRO TIP: Identify someone within your program office who can serve as a contact person for prospective applicants who have questions about specific announcements.


Additional Resources Online User Guide

Find registration, login, and search instructions for all users in the Online User Guide.

For detailed grantor information, review the Grantors section of the online user guide.


Including language about the applicant registration process when posting announcements decreases the likelihood of rejected applications due to registration or AOR role assignment issues.


The Agency Contact should be someone within your program who can respond to email queries about the specific award announcement.