Importing the Grants.gov XML Database File

Once a day, the Grants.gov database of grants is exported to an XML file. This file may be downloaded and imported into your database.

Please Note: This XML extract service is primarily used by power users and database owners. For more information about the XML file and its data elements, refer to the online user guide by selecting the ? icon.

File NameSizeExtracted Date/Time
GrantsDBExtract20231126v2.zip69.7 MBNov 26, 2023 04:40:20 AM EST
GrantsDBExtract20231127v2.zip69.7 MBNov 27, 2023 04:40:28 AM EST
GrantsDBExtract20231128v2.zip69.7 MBNov 28, 2023 04:39:59 AM EST
GrantsDBExtract20231129v2.zip69.7 MBNov 29, 2023 04:40:04 AM EST
GrantsDBExtract20231130v2.zip69.8 MBNov 30, 2023 04:40:03 AM EST
GrantsDBExtract20231201v2.zip69.8 MBDec 01, 2023 05:12:23 PM EST
GrantsDBExtract20231202v2.zip69.8 MBDec 02, 2023 04:40:08 AM EST