Manage Subscriptions

Customize your opportunity subscriptions, including expanded criteria for saved searches and the ability to view and manage existing subscriptions. To subscribe to email notifications, users must first create a account. Don't worry - the account registration process is quick and easy.

Custom Email Notifications

When you create a account, you can customize the type of email notifications you receive. Log in and click the links below to subscribe to news updates about system enhancements, notifications about saved searches and new funding opportunities, and more.

» Subscribe to News
Receive Alerts and Newsletters containing updates about system enhancements and training resources

» Subscribe to all new grant opportunities
Receive a daily email listing all new grant opportunities

» Subscribe to opportunities
Receive notifications when changes are made to a specific opportunity's forecast, synopsis and/or packages

» Subscribe to saved searches for grant opportunities
Receive notifications for new opportunities matching saved search criteria

For more information on Subscriptions, please review the Connect with help article.

Unsubscribe from Email Notifications

Log in and unsubscribe from one (or more) of your email notifications. We strongly recommend that you stay subscribed to Alerts so that you will receive time-sensitive updates about the system.

» Unsubscribe from email notifications

Subscription Enhancements

One-Click Access

Subscribe to a funding opportunity – including forecast, synopsis and package – with a single click. Tracking changes to a specific grant has never been easier. Subscribe from the View Grant Opportunity page or from the Subscribe to Opportunities page. Also, easily save your search from the Search Grants page.

View & Manage Subscriptions

Review subscriptions to opportunities and update saved searches at any time. Unsubscribe from selected notifications without affecting other subscriptions to opportunities and/or saved searches.

Get Updates on Specific Opportunities

Subscribe once and get notified of any change related to the opportunity. When a forecast or synopsis is modified or deleted, subscribers receive an email notification nightly. When a package is added, modified or deleted, subscribers receive an email notification immediately. Alerts & Newsletter

Receive timely updates about system enhancements and subscribe to a regular newsletter featuring news and resources for the federal grant community. Users can subscribe during registration or from the subscription page (when logged in). See the Newsletter Archive for past editions.