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Step 4: Track My Application Package

To track and check the status of your submitted applications, enter up to five Grants.gov tracking numbers, one per line and click the Submit Tracking Number(s) button. The tracking number for a submitted application will be provided in the confirmation email that you receive within two business days after you submit the application.

Track My Application

Please note, this only confirms that an application was successfully retrieved by the awarding agency. Thereafter in the process, the awarding agency reviews and processes the applications independent of Grants.gov, and they do not report the status to Grants.gov.

  • The system will only return a status for valid tracking numbers.
  • Until the status is available for valid tracking numbers, the following message will be returned by the system: Tracking number(s) entered currently being processed, please check back later.
  • For invalid tracking numbers entered, the system will return the following error message: The tracking number(s) entered below are not valid. Please make sure you entered the correct tracking number(s).

How to Track My Application without a Tracking Number

You may also monitor the processing status of your application submission by logging in to your Grants.gov account:

  1. Click on the Applicant Login link

  2. Log in to the system using your username and password

  3. Once logged in, click on the Check Application Status link near the top left of the Applicant Center page

  4. Review the status of all the submitted applications

Application Statuses

The following are descriptions of the application statuses used to describe the progression of an application after submission through the Grants.gov system.

Staus Description
Receiving The application is has not yet been received by Grants.gov, but is processing normally, and is waiting in the queue to be received by Grants.gov.
Received Grants.gov has received the application, but the application is awaiting validation.
FIFReceived The application has been received by Grants.gov and is in the beginning stages of being either validated or rejected with valid errors.
Packaging Process The application is still being processed and will be validated within the next 48 hours by Grants.gov.
Processing The application has been received by Grants.gov and has begun checking the application for errors.
Validated Grants.gov validated the application and it is available for the agency to download.
Rejected with Errors Grants.gov was unable to process your application because of an error(s) and cannot accept the application until you correct the error(s) and successfully resubmit the application. You will receive email notification with information on how to address the error(s).
Received by Agency The agency has confirmed receipt of the application package.
Agency Tracking Number Assigned The agency has assigned an internal tracking number to your application. This is the last status that Grants.gov tracks. Updates beyond this must be checked with the agency directly. Note: All agencies do not assign tracking numbers. If you do not see an agency tracking number, this does not infer that the agency did not receive or process your application. The assignment of tracking numbers is based on the policy of a particular agency.

The application has been on the system for 3 years or more and has been purged from the system.

Note: The application purge period was increased from 180 days to 3 years on October 20, 2015, so all applications submitted on or after April 22, 2015 will be stored for 3 years. All applications submitted before April 22, 2015 have been deleted under the previous 180 day purge period.

Questions and Troubleshooting for Tracking Application Status

What do I do if I have not received grant receipt email confirmation within two business days?
Check your email SPAM or junk folder, and adjust your email settings to accept emails from Grants.gov into your email inbox. If the emails are not in your SPAM or junk folders, and you have not received the two items listed below within two business days, contact Grants.gov for support.

  • A submission receipt confirmation email AND
  • Either a submission validation receipt email or a rejection email message

How do I know if the award-making agency has retrieved my application?
If your application is successfully validated and subsequently retrieved by the award-making agency from the Grants.gov system, you will receive an additional email. This email may be delivered several days or weeks from the date of submission, depending on when the award-making agency retrieves it.

Once the award-making agency has retrieved your application from Grants.gov, you will need to contact the federal agency directly for any subsequent status updates. Grants.gov does not participate in making any award decisions.


What do I need in order to check the status of an application that has been retrieved by the awarding agency?
If the agency assigns an agency-specific tracking number, you will receive an email regarding that number from the federal agency. This is the number you should use when speaking to the federal agency.

If there is no agency-specific tracking number, retain your Grants.gov tracking number in order to refer to it once it has been downloaded by the agency. After the agency has downloaded the application, you will receive any future updates regarding your application from the federal agency, not Grants.gov.


I submitted an application that is not in my queue and the agency has not received it yet. Where is my application?
This issue is typically caused when an application has multiple attachments with the same file name. The grant application cannot be processed without manual intervention. To correct this, you should:

  • Rename attached files with the same name so that no files share the same name
  • Reattach the files
  • Resubmit the application package

If you have not attached two or more files with the same name, contact Grants.gov for support.