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Step 4: EBiz POC Authorizes Roles

The final step in registering to apply for grants is the E-Business Point of Contact (EBiz POC) authorizing your roles request, which includes the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) role.

Purpose of EBiz POC Authorization

Your organization's EBiz POC can authorize the AOR role, which allows your organization to only approve specific people to submit grants on behalf of the organization. This authorization protects an organization from individuals who may submit applications without permission.

The EBiz POC is likely to be your organization's chief financial officer or authorizing official, and there can only be one EBiz POC per DUNS number when registering with SAM.

How to Authorize Roles (steps for the EBiz POC)

  1. Log in to under the EBiz POC tab, using your username and password. Legacy users may need to use their organization's DUNS number for the username and the MPIN password obtained in Step 2: Register with SAM.
  2. Click the Manage Applicants for Organization link, search for the new user, and assign the appropriate roles in For more detailed instructions, review the Authorize User Role help article.
  3. After approval, automatically sends the organization applicant a confirmation email.

How long does it take to authorize roles?

This can be completed on the same day, but it depends on how long it takes the EBiz POC to log in and complete the steps listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be the EBiz POC and an AOR?
Yes, but only with two separate accounts. If you, the EBiz POC, wish to submit applications on behalf of the organization, then you must create a separate organizational applicant account with the AOR role. Review Step 3 of the registration process for instructions on creating an organizational applicant account.

After creating a separate account, the EBiz POC should follow the How to Authorize Roles instructions described above. The EBiz POC will need to approve their own roles for the new, separate account.


As an applicant with the AOR role, can I request or enable EBiz POC functionality for my account?
The system allows applicants with the AOR role to access EBiz POC functionality. To do so, the applicant with the AOR role must communicate with the EBiz POC outside of the system to receive the valid MPIN. If granted, the applicant can use the MPIN to enable EBiz POC functionality within

To do so, the applicant with the AOR role must log in to, then click any of the EBiz POC actions on the left side of the Applicant Center page. Enter the MPIN as prompted, then you will have the ability to manage applicant roles and view all application submissions for the organization's DUNS number. If you need additional instructions, refer to the EBiz POC Actions help article.

As an applicant with the AOR role, if you are unable to log in or utilize the AOR or EBiz POC permissions, you should contact your organization's EBiz POC to identify whether your account roles have been modified. If the issue persists after contacting your EBiz POC, visit the Support page.


Are there any field limitations regarding my contact information?
Yes. There is a 30-character limit on the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) name field on the SF-424 Signature page. This field is auto-populated using your full name (last name and first name combined) from your AOR account. Please ensure that your name in your login credentials does not exceed 30 characters. You can edit your name in your account by logging in and selecting the Manage Profile link in's global banner at the top of the page.


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