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Roles and Access in Workspace

Grants.gov Workspace exists to make applying for a federal grant as convenient as possible. By leveraging a range of user roles and access levels, applicants can control access to forms, create a custom workflow, and save time on their application.


Roles & Workspace

When a user registers with Grants.gov, they can be assigned the Manage Workspace Role, the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) role, or no role at all.

Workspace Roles

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The Manage Workspace role enables a user to create new workspaces. Upon initially creating a workspace, the user with the Manage Workspace role inherits the Workspace Owner access (see below). However, any Participant with the Manage Workspace role may have the Workspace Owner access level assigned to them.

The Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) role enables a Workspace Participant to submit applications on behalf of the organization. The AOR role may only be assigned to a user by the organization's E-Business Point of Contact (EBiz POC), or by an AOR with either expanded access or the organization's Marketing Personal Identification Number (MPIN) (see below).

Users with no role are limited within Workspace to filling out application forms.

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Access Levels & Workspace

Once a user has a Grants.gov account, he or she can be added to a workspace as a Participant.

A Workspace Participant is a registered Grants.gov user with access to at least one workspace. The Participant can add and edit data on forms within the workspace(s) to which they have been added. Participants may have the Authorized Applicant (AOR) role, the Manage Workspace role, or no role at all.

Workspace Access

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Super Users & Workspace

Some teams will have at least one super user. These are essentially AORs that are given the ability to act as the applicant organization's EBiz POC.

Grants.gov Super-Users

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Who Can Do What?

For a breakdown of the roles and access levels that enable each workspace action, study the chart below.

Actions in Workspace

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Forms-Level Access

Starting with Release 16.0, Workspace Owners, AORs with MPIN access, AORs with Expanded access, and EBiz POCs will be able to customize a user's access to forms within a workspace in the following three ways:

  1. Users can be given access to all forms in a workspace
  2. Users can be given access to non-budget forms in a workspace
  3. Users can be given access to specific sub-forms in a workspace

Workspace Forms & Access

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As Release 16.0 approaches, we will provide more information about forms-level access in Grants.gov Workspace.

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Help: Online User Guide

Find registration, search, and application instructions for all users in the Grants.gov Online User Guide.

For detailed applicant information, review the Applicants section of the online user guide.

Help: Support Center

Contact the Grants.gov Support Center to get help from a representative.

Email us at support@grants.gov or visit our Support page.