This service returns a collection of objects for open opportunities based on the filter applied using the Input Parameters. This service consists of the GetOpportunityPlusCompTitle with the addition of a return value for PackageID.

NOTE: This web service was replaced by the Get Opportunity List web service and will be retired on December 31, 2019.

Web Service Version(s)

  • V2.0

Input Parameters

This service requires at least one of the following input parameters. If you specify Competition ID, must include CFDA Number, Opportunity ID or both.

Input Parameter Description Required/Optional Business Rules V2.0 Web Service Schema
FundingOpportunityNumber Opportunity Number Optional Must be a valid FundingOpportunityNumber GrantsCommonElements: FundingOpportunityNumber
CFDANumber CFDA Number Optional Must be a valid CFDANumber GrantsCommonElements: CFDANumber
CompetitionID Competition Number Optional Must be a valid CompetitionID GrantsCommonElements: CompetitionID

Return Values

This service returns the following values. Some values may be empty:

Return Value Comment / Example Required/
V2.0 Web Service Schema
OpportunityInfo   Optional (May have multiple occurrences)  
FundingOpportunityNumber 04252012-NF1 Required GrantsCommonElements: FundingOpportunityNumber
CFDANumber 10.001 Optional GrantsCommonElements: CFDANumber
CompetitionID 04252012-NF-MP1 Optional GrantsCommonElements: CompetitionID
CompetitionTitle STD589 proposals Optional GrantsCommonElements: CompetitionTitle
OpeningDate 2013-09-11-04:00 Optional XMLSchema date object
ClosingDate 2013-09-11-04:00 Required XMLSchema date object
FundingOpportunityTitle RG-07252011-Opp36-Title-Mod-Email! Optional GrantsCommonElements: FundingOpportunityTitle
OfferingAgency NIH Optional GrantsCommonElements: OfferingAgency
AgencyContactInfo Agency Contact Number Optional GrantsCommonElements: AgencyContactInfo
CFDADescription Agricultural Research_Basic and Applied Research Optional GrantsCommonElements: CFDADescription
SchemaURL applicant/opp04252012-NF1-CFDANumber10.001-cid04252012-NF-MP1.xsd Optional GrantsCommonElements: SchemaURL
InstructionsURL instructions/opp04252012-NF1-CFDANumber10.001-cid04252012-NF-MP1-instructions.doc Optional GrantsCommonElements: InstructionsURL
IsMultiProject True Optional  
PackageID PKG12345678 Optional GrantsCommonElements: PackageID