This service creates one or more opportunities from specified XMLs. This web service can also be used for new opportunities even if the opportunity already has package(s).

Web Service Version(s)

  • V2.0

Input Parameters

This service requires the following request parameter(s):

Input Parameter Description Required / Optional Business Rules V2.0 Web Service Schema
This is the V2.0 XML that is sent to to create the opportunity with synopsis, or if opportunity already exists with only package(s) it will create the synopsis. Required (Multiple Occurrences Allowed)

• Synopsis cannot be created if Opportunity has a draft Forecast (future Forecast Post Date

• Forecast Archive Date is set to day before Synopsis Post Date


Return Values

This service returns a collection of objects containing the following details:

Return Value Comment / Example Required / Optional V2.0 Web Service Schema
Success True Required  
Includes a funding opportunity number for each submitted opportunity. Error Details is only returned if there is an error. Required (May have multiple occurrences) GrantsCommonElements