This service deletes the synopsis for a given funding opportunity number and user ID. In order to delete the synopsis, there must be at least 1 Single or Multi-Project package created for this opportunity or if the opportunity has a Forecast but no packages. Otherwise, an error message is thrown. For opportunities without packages, use DeleteAdobeOpportunity.

Web Service Version(s)

  • V2.0

Input Parameters

This service requires the following request parameter(s):

Input Parameter Description Required / Optional Business Rules V2.0 Web Service Schema
FundingOpportunityNumber Funding opportunity number for which you wish to delete the synopsis Required Must be an existing opportunity for your agency GrantsCommonElements:  FundingOpportunityNumber
UserID Certificate serial number or UserID Required   GrantsCommonElements: UserID
AgencyCode Agency code of the grantor agency for the opportunity Optional

• Agency Code is used to uniquely identify an Opportunity

• For a specified User ID with only one profile, the optional Agency Code is not needed

• For a specified User ID with multiple profiles, the Agency Code must be specified to determine unique Agency Code

• If Agency Code is specified, the User ID is ignored and the certificate used must have the Manage Agencies role to Manage Opportunities for a sub-agency

GrantsCommonElements: AgencyCode
SendDeleteNotificationEmail Send Delete notification via email Optional     GrantsCommonElements: SendDeleteNotificationEmail
DeleteComments Synopsis deleted Optional     GrantsCommonElements: DeleteComments


Return Values

This service returns a collection of objects containing the following details:

Return Value Comment / Example Required / Optional V2.0 Web Service Schema
FundingOpportunityNumber 07102012-AG Required GrantsCommonElements: FundingOpportunityNumber
ResponseMessage SUCCESS: DeleteAdobeSynopsisClient successfully completed Required GrantsCommonElements: ResponseMessage