This service returns application information objects specific to the submitted certificate and for a given criteria (application search filter).

The V2.0 Get Application List Applicant Web Service returns the submissions made under any previous certificate linked to the connected certificate as well as the submissions made under the currently connected certificate.

NOTE: This web service was replaced by the Get Submission List web service and will be retired on December 31, 2019.

Web Service Version(s)

  • V2.0

Input Parameters

This service contains the following parameter(s):

Input Parameter Description Required/Optional Business Rules V2.0 Web Service Schema
ApplicationFilter Filter can be: Status, Opportunity ID, CFDA Number, Submission Title, and/or Tracking Number. Multiple filters may be specified. Optional (Multiple Occurrences Allowed)   GrantsCommonElements: ApplicationFilter

Return Values

This service returns the following values:

Return Value Comment / Example Required/Optional V2.0 Web Service Schema
AvailableApplicationNumber The number of applications returned /91    
ApplicationInfo   Optional (May have multiple occurrences)  
CFDANumber 00.000 Optional GrantsCommonElements: CFDANumber
FundingOpportunityNumber 03272012-KJ-SP-MP Optional GrantsCommonElements: FundingOpportunityNumber
CompetitionID 03272012-KJ-SP-MP Optional GrantsCommonElements: CompetitionID
GrantsGovTrackingNumber GRANT10578935 Optional GrantsCommonElements: GrantsGovTrackingNumber
ReceivedDateTime 2012-06-20T14:07:47.000-04:00 Optional XMLSchema dateTime object
GrantsGovApplicationStatus   Optional GrantsCommonElements: GrantsGovApplicationStatus
StatusDateTime 2012-06-20T14:07:47.000-04:00 Optional XMLSchema dateTime object
AgencyTrackingNumber   Optional GrantsCommonElements: AgencyTrackingNumber
SubmissionTitle   Optional GrantsCommonElements: SubmissionTitle