GONE Act (2016)

Grants Oversight and New Efficiency Act

The goal of the Grants Oversight and New Efficiency (GONE) Act is to close out expired grants. The GONE Act requires the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to instruct each agency, in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to submit to Congress and HHS by December 31 of the first calendar year beginning after this Act's enactment a report that:

  • Lists each federal grant award held by such agency

  • Provides the total number of federal grant awards, including the number of grants by time period of expiration, the number with zero dollar balances, and the number with undisbursed balances

  • Describes the challenges leading to delays in grant closeout

  • Explains, for the 30 oldest federal grant awards, why each has not been closed out

The covered grants are those within an agency's cash payment management system that have been expired for two or more years and have not been closed out. No later than one year after the head of an agency submits its report, the agency head will notify HHS whether the agency has closed out the covered grants discussed in its report. HHS is required to compile this information and provide it to Congress.

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Body: Congress
Website: https://www.congress.gov
Effective Date: January 28, 2016
Entry Type: Law
Document Citation: Public Law No. 114-117