Award Phase

Award Phase

Once the Federal agency completes the application review process, the Award Phase begins. The final award decisions rest solely in the hands of the federal agency staff with fiduciary responsibility and legal authority to enter binding agreements. Federal staff review and make award recommendations based on the programmatic and financial reviews of the applications. These recommendations are reviewed by a series of levels in the agencies to ensure high-quality, fair, and unbiased decisions.

Notice of Award

Once the final award decisions are made, the awarding agency sends a Notice of Award (NOA) to the entities selected for funding. The NOA is the official, legally binding issuance of the award. When you or your organization accepts the grant (i.e., by signing the grant agreement or by drawing down funds) you become legally obligated to carry out the full terms and conditions of the grant.

As an award recipient, you are also subject to federal statutory and regulatory requirements and policies. Not sure what some of these policies are? Check out the Grant Policies section.

Grant Lifecycle

Pre-Award Phase
Funding Opportunity Announcement & Application Review

Award Phase
Award Decisions & Notifications

Post Award Phase
Implementation, Reporting & Closeout