Web Services

Applicant Web Services

The Applicant S2S Web Service Library Version 2.0 is described below.
Recommended web services:

Category Web Service Feature
Opportunities - Package GetOpportunityList Get Opportunity List
Submit SubmitApplication Submit Application
Submitted Applications
GetSubmissionList Get Submission List
GetApplicationInfo Get Application Info
GetApplicationZip Get Application Zip

The following Applicant S2S V2.0 web services are only used for NIH ASSIST:

Category Web Service Feature
Authentication AuthenticateAORExpanded Authenticate AOR Expanded
Submit SubmitApplicationAsThirdPartyExpanded Submit Application As Third Party Expanded
Submitted Applications
GetSubmissionListAsThirdParty Get Submission List As Third Party
GetApplicationInfoAsThirdParty Get Application Info As Third Party

The following web services are previous iterations of a web service used above by NIH ASSIST. These web services are still supported:

Category Web Service Feature
Authentication AuthenticateAOR Authenticate AOR (Replaced by Authenticate AOR Expanded)
Submit SubmitApplicationAsThirdParty Submit Application As Third Party (Replaced by Submit Application as Third Party Expanded)