Get Opportunity List

This service returns a list of open Opportunity Packages matching the filter criteria. For each Package, this service returns the new Schema V2.0.

This service is based on the Get Opportunities Expanded web service with the following changes:

  • Adds Package ID to input parameters as a filter

  • Returns the revised Schema/Instructions URL with the new submission header V2.0

  • Changes the returned CFDA to allow multiple CFDAs

This service replaces the Get Opportunities, Get Opportunity Plus Comp Title, and Get Opportunities Expanded web services.

Input Parameters

This service requires the following input parameters, either:

  • Package ID


  • At least one of the Opportunity Filter (Funding Opportunity Number, CFDA Number, Competition ID) input parameters. If you specify Competition ID, must include CFDA Number and/or Funding Opportunity Number.

Input Parameter Description Required/Optional Business Rules Web Service Schema
PackageID Package ID Optional Must be a valid PackageID GrantsCommonElements: PackageID
OpportunityFilter Opportunity Filter Optional

At least one of the following: Funding Opportunity Number, CFDA Number, Competition ID

If Competition ID is specified, must also include CFDA Number and/or Funding Opportunity Number

ApplicantCommonElements: OpportunityFilter

Return Values

This service returns the following values. Some values may be empty:

Return Value Comment / Example Required/
Web Service Schema

Opportunity Details consists of the following values:

  • FundingOpportunityNumber
  • FundingOpportunityTitle
  • CompetitionID
  • CompetitionTitle
  • PackageID
  • CFDADetails (CFDA Number, CFDA Title)
  • OpeningDate
  • ClosingDate
  • OfferingAgency
  • AgencyContactInfo
  • SchemaURL
  • InstructionsURL
  • IsMultiProject
Optional (May have multiple occurrences) ApplicantCommonElements: OpportunityDetails