Get Submission List As Third Party

The GetSubmissionListAsThirdParty web service returns a list of submissions matching the filter criteria and made by this third party certificate or a linked third party certificate.

This web service is used for NIH ASSIST only.

This service is based on the Get Application List as Third Party web service with the following changes:

  • Package ID replaces CFDA Number as a filter in the input parameters

  • Returns Package ID instead of CFDA and Competition ID

This service replaces the Get Application List as Third Party web service.

Input Parameters

This service contains the following parameter(s):

Input Parameter Description Required/Optional Business Rules Web Service Schema

Filter can be: Funding Opportunity Number, Tracking Number, Package ID, Submission Title, and/or Status. Multiple filters may be specified.

Optional (Multiple Occurrences Allowed)   ApplicantCommonElements: SubmissionFilter
Type Submission Filter Type   Valid values:
  • FundingOpportunityNumber
  • GrantsGovTrackingNumber
  • PackageID
  • SubmissionTitle
  • Status
ApplicantCommonElements: SubmissionFilterType

Return Values

This service returns the following values:

Return Value Comment / Example Required/Optional Web Service Schema
AvailableApplicationNumber The number of submissions returned /91    

Submission Details consists of the following values:

  • GrantsGovTrackingNumber
  • AgencyTrackingNumber
  • GrantsGovApplicationStatus
  • ReceivedDateTime
  • StatusDateTime
  • FundingOpportunityNumber
  • SubmissionTitle
  • PackageID
Optional (May have multiple occurrences) ApplicantCommonElements: SubmissionDetails