Opportunity Totals By CFDA


This service is a secure REST endpoint that retrieves opportunity counts by CFDA and status:

  • CFDA Number

  • Number of Forecasted Opportunities

  • Number of Posted Opportunities

  • Number of Closed Opportunities

  • Number of Archived Opportunities

Each client will receive an encrypted API key, which needs to be set in the Authorization Header.
A separate API key is required for each environment (i.e. Production, Training).

Endpoint URLs

The following are the endpoint URLs for the specified environment:

Authorization Header

Below is the REST client information:

Submit type: POST
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Header name: Authorization
Header value: APIKEY=my-grants-gov-generated-api-key (entire key-value pair is the header value)

Informative status

Note: Please contact your Grants.gov Program Advisor to obtain your unique API key.

Sample Return

Below is a sample format of the return JSON.
"cfdas": {
"00.000": {
"cfda": "00.000",
"posted": 442,
"closed": 234,
"archived": 1685,
"forecasted": 208
"10.001": {
"cfda": "10.001",
"posted": 195,
"closed": 67,
"archived": 329,
"forecasted": 43
"errorMsgs": []