Confirm Application Delivery

This service updates the status of a submission to "Received by Agency" for a given Grants Gov Tracking Number. A submission must have a status of "Validated" for this service to be executed.

Input Parameters

This service requires the following request parameter(s):

Input Parameter Description Required / Optional Business Rules Web Service Schema
GrantsGovTrackingNumber Tracking number assigned by when application was submitted Required Must be a valid Tracking number with "Validated" status for your agency. GrantsCommonElements: GrantsGovTrackingNumber

Return Values

This service returns a collection of objects containing the following details:

Return Value Comment / Example Required / Optional Web Service Schema
GrantsGovTrackingNumber GRANT1234567 Required GrantsCommonElements: GrantsGovTrackingNumber
ResponseMessage Confirmation of 'GRANT10580217': Success Required GrantsCommonElements: ResponseMessage