Update Opportunity Forecast


This service updates one or more Forecasts.

Informative status

NOTE: The Input Parameters used by this web service no longer restricts the Funding Activity Categories to a predefined list in the schema. The Funding Activity Category values will continue to be validated and an error message provided – but the values will no longer be validated using the schema. This provides flexibility to add/disable Funding Activity Category values in the future, as needed.

Input Parameters

This service requires the following request parameter(s):

Input Parameter Description Required/Optional Business Rules Web Service Schema
The information required to update forecast. Required (Multiple Occurrences Allowed) See below for business rules GrantsForecastSynopsis_V1.0: UpdateForecast
OpportunityID Opportunity ID Required   GrantsCommonElements: OpportunityID
NullifyMissingOptionalElements Nullifying Missing Optional Elements Optional   GrantsCommonElements: NullifyMissingOptionalElements

Return Values

This service returns a collection of objects containing the following details:

Return Value Comment / Example Required/Optional Web Service Schema
CompletionStatus Success, Partial, Fail Required GrantsCommonElements: CompletionStatus
ErrorDetails   Optional GrantsCommonElements: ErrorDetails
UpdateForecastResult Update Forecast Result Optional (May have multiple occurrences) GrantsCommonElements
Success True, False Required  
  Optional GrantsCommonElements

Business Rules

The following are the business rules for this service:

  • Forecast Post Date can only be updated if current Post Date is in the future

  • Fiscal Year must be within a 10 year range starting with current Forecast fiscal year minus 2 and ending with current Forecast fiscal year plus 7

  • Forecast cannot be updated/deleted if it does not exist

  • Forecast Archive Date must be in the future

  • Certificate must have Manage Forecasts role

  • Forecast cannot be created/updated if the Opportunity has a Synopsis in Posted status

  • Forecast Post Date cannot be in the past

  • If a Synopsis exists, Forecast cannot have a future Post Date

  • Opportunity ID must belong to Agency associated with the certificate (or any of its Sub-Agencies if certificate has Manage Agencies role)

  • Forecast Dates must be in following Order if not blank (equal is fine):
    ·Forecast Post Date
    ·Estimated Synopsis Post Date
    ·Estimated Application Due Date
    ·Estimated Award Date
    ·Estimated Project Start Date

  • Forecast Archive Date must be later than Forecast Post Date

  • If Synopsis has future Post Date, Forecast Archive Date cannot be provided (Forecast Archive Date will automatically be set to Synopsis Post Date minus one day)

  • Funding Activity Category Explanation is required if Funding Activity Category contains ‘Other'

  • Funding Activity Category(ies) must be unique for the Opportunity

  • Additional Information on Eligibility is required if Eligible Applicants contains ‘Other'

  • Eligible Applicant(s) must be unique for the Opportunity

  • Award Ceiling must be greater than or equal to Award Floor

  • Funding Instrument Type(s) must be unique for the Opportunity