Update Application Info


This service performs the following actions for a given Grants Gov Tracking number:

  • Assign agency tracking number

  • Save agency notes

To assign the agency tracking number, this web service can replace the AssignAgencyTrackingNumber web service.

Input Parameters

This service requires the following request parameter(s):

Input Parameter Description Required / Optional Business Rules Web Service Schema
GrantsGovTrackingNumber Tracking number assigned by Grants.gov when application was submitted Required Must be a valid S2S Grants.gov tracking number for your agency. GrantsCommonElements: GrantsGovTrackingNumber
AssignAgencyTrackingNumber Tracking number the agency will assign for the given Grants.gov Tracking Number Optional Agency tracking number can be assigned only once. AgencyUpdateApplicationInfo: AssignAgencyTrackingNumber
SaveAgencyNotes Agency Notes the agency will assign for the given Grants.gov Tracking Number Optional Agency notes can be assigned multiple times. AgencyUpdateApplicationInfo: SaveAgencyNotes

Note: This web service assigns the Agency Tracking Number and Notes to the given Grants.Gov Tracking Number. The Agency Tracking Number can be assigned to submissions in "Received by Agency" state only once. The Agency Notes can be updated multiple times, in both the "Received by Agency" and "Agency Tracking Number Assigned" states.

Return Values

This service returns a collection of objects containing the following details:

Return Value Comment / Example Required / Optional Web Service Schema
GrantsGovTrackingNumber GRANT1234567 Required GrantsCommonElements: GrantsGovTrackingNumber
Success True Required  
AssignAgencyTrackingNumberResult   Optional AgencyUpdateApplicationInfo: AssignAgencyTrackingNumberResult
SaveAgencyNotesResult   Optional AgencyUpdateApplicationInfo: SaveAgencyNotesResult